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Shuhai Shared Promise Series

Junmai Daiginjō Shuhai     ABV: 15% Milling Ratio: 40%

Tokubetsu Junmai Shuhai  ABV: 15% Milling Ratio: 55%

Junmai Shuhai                    ABV: 15% Milling Ratio: 65%

Giving shape to our predecessors’ dreams of junmai.

​Rice shortages during and after World War 2 meant that sake makers were forced to make alcohol-added futsūshu, and even as rice become more plentiful many makers were trapped in that rut. However, our predecessors dreamed of making sake like they used to—using rice, rice kōji, and water alone, what we now call junmaishu—and reclaim that tradition.

Then came 1967. That year, famous for its huge rice harvest, was when Chiyonosono finally tried its first revival junmaishu sake.

When that batch was pressed, we celebrated with a toast from red sakazuki saucers, or "shuhai." Thus, at Chiyonosono, we have branded our junmai series Shuhai.

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