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Kumamoto Shinriki

Sacred Power Series

Ginjō Kumamoto Shinriki                ABV: 15%,Milling Ratio: 55%

Junmai Ginjō Kumamoto Shinriki  ABV: 15%,Milling Ratio: 55%

Made with Shinriki, an almost vanished brewing rice.


The brewing rice Shinriki offers harvests with large numbers of mid-sized grains, perfect for brewing, and from the late 1800s into the mid-1900s it was the most cultivated brewing rice in western Japan. In 1907, for example, there were 496 million square meters of fields growing Shinriki.

This rice is also a relatively pure strain, and over the years rice breeders have crossed it many times to take advantages of its strong genetic traits. Many other rice breeds, including Gohyakumangoku, can trace their lineage to Shinriki.

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