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Daiginjō Chiyonosono Excel

ABV: 15% Milling Ratio: 40%

Chiyonosono is always striving to expand our horizons in sake brewing, and Excel is one step on that path.

In our process, all our daiginjō is pressed, immediately watered to standard alcohol levels, then bottled and single pasteurized for storage before shipping. These steps help maintain the very highest quality. However, we once had a thought: what if we replace the standard cap on those bottles with a cork? And so, roughly 30 years ago, we began trials of storing sake in corked bottles.

We use the same quality of cork as winemakers, and we find that this sealing style adds another layer of pleasure to exploring how the sake matures. The first year is marked by a full, fresh aroma evoking true daiginjō elegance. The second and third years see that freshness settle into a more mellow, deeper expression of daiginjō. From the fifth year, the color darkens, and the aroma deepens to something richer and more full bodied as the sake moves beyond the normal range of daiginjō flavor.

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